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Brownlow Hill Campus - Health and safety electrical works

Over the next two years, various Contractors will be working specifically within the confines of the main electrical switch rooms which serve each building during normal working hours to undertake general electrical safety improvements, install emergency lighting, update safety notices, install smoke detection, and replace extinguishers, etc.

Part of the scope of works is for the Electrical Contractor to isolate the power supplies within each building for approximately four hours .This work will be undertaken at weekends to avoid disruption to users. This work is to confirm the safety and functionality of electrical protective equipment & verify their continued suitability for the effective management of business continuity.

Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services and Computing Services Department will be in contact with stakeholders at a building level to plan the weekend shutdown and to discuss any special arrangements for example maintaining electrical supplies to IT comm's rooms and other equipment were essential temporary supplies may be required.

The communications process with building stakeholders to facilitate the shutdowns will commence August 2016 initially with South Campus Buildings.

Robert Hale
Capital Management