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TV, mood, personality and character study - Reimbursement available.

We are seeking healthy volunteers to take part in a psychology experiment which investigates the effects of watching television on mood, personality and character identification.

Volunteers are required to attend one session in the School of Psychology, on the University of Liverpool campus. The session will last no longer than 50 minutes and you will receive reasonable reimbursement for your time.

During the study session, you will watch a television episode and be asked to complete some questionnaires. Food and drink will be available whilst you watch the episode, so participants with food allergies cannot take part.

Volunteers will also be required to refrain from eating for the two hours before the study session.

We are recruiting participants who fulfil the following criteria:

- Are aged 18 years or over.
- Have no history of food allergies.

If interested, please contact F.Sheen@liverpool.ac.uk and you will be sent a Participant Information Sheet.

Florence Sheen
School of Psychology (including DClinPOsych)