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Chadwick Tower car park closure update

The Department of Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services
Capital Projects - Design Group

Chadwick Tower external facade

Due to Health & Safety related works to Chadwick Tower facade, the car park to Chadwick Tower will be closed from 01 June '17 until early July '17. Access will still be available to the lecture theatres and offices for the duration but will change as the works proceed with additional access information provided as the works progress.

Oliver Lodge external facade

Major Capital Works are also being carried out to Oliver Lodge facade with reduced car parking spaces to Chadwick Tower car park from early July '17 until late July '18. For H&S reasons the original announced compound will be increased and now result in the temporary loss of approximately 29 car park spaces and 2 disabled bays however 2 disabled bays will remain accessible next to Chadwick Tower.

To summarise:

Chadwick car park will be fully closed from 01 June '17 to early July '17

29 car spaces will remain out of use from early July '17 until late July '18.
FRCS apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.