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Update your recommended reading - Reading Lists @ Liverpool and the Library Digitisation Service

Reading lists for 2017/18 are now available, ready for you to check, edit and review. Use Reading Lists @ Liverpool to update your lists over the summer – it's a means of letting the library know expected numbers of students on the module, so that we can order enough copies of key texts to meet demand. The library needs 8 weeks' turn-around time to get books into stock – so please send your list for review by the end of July to beat the start of term rush.

Reading Lists @ Liverpool also allows you to make requests for book chapters and journal articles to digitised and uploaded to your list by the library. Requests are automatically checked for copyright clearance, ensuring your key reading materials are made available to all students at the point of need and with the peace of mind that you are copyright compliant in doing so.

NEW This year a prepopulated link from the side menu of your VITAL modules will take students directly to the relevant list on Reading Lists @ Liverpool, making access to your recommended reading even easier.

For tips and tricks to help you create a reading list that fits your teaching style and benefits your students, ask your Liaison Librarian.

Carole Rhodes