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Parliament needs your help: Survey for academics on barriers to engagement

The UK Parliament wants to understand the barriers for academics in working with us, particularly those academics from more diverse backgrounds. We are aware that some groups of academics engage with Parliament more than others, and would like to find out why. Please complete and share our short survey to help us support as many academics as possible to engage with Parliament:


The survey is 14 questions long and should take around 5 minutes to complete. We would welcome contributions from anyone with something to tell us, although we are particularly interested in hearing from academics from groups who engage less with Parliament; women, academics from BAME backgrounds and academics with disabilities.

The results from this survey will lead to activities focused on meeting some of the barriers identified and supporting a wider range of academics to engage with the business of Parliament. The UK Parliament is committed to working with as diverse a range of people as possible. We have been working for a few years to inform and engage academic researchers in the work of Parliament through training and other activities.

Paul Sapple