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Healthy volunteers 18-50 yrs old required

Would you like to take part in our research?
'working towards a nasal vaccine for pneumonia'
The effect of new strains (types) of bacteria

We are developing vaccines to protect against a bacteria called Pneumococcus. Vaccine are needed as this bacteria can cause infection particularly in young children, elderly and those with other illnesses.

Researchers in Liverpool have developed a way to test vaccines for some types of this bacteria and plan to study more types (strains).
We invite healthy volunteers to have a few drops of the bacteria in the nose then monitor the response carefully.

Please contact the respiratory research team for more information if you are a:
Aged 18 to 50 years

(you will be paid for your time and inconvenience)
Please contact Respiratory Research for further information on:
Tel: 0151 706 3381
Email: 2volresearch@lstmed.ac.uk
Text 2VOL to 88802
Web site: www.lstmed.ac.uk/pneumoniavaccine

Angela Wright
Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology