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Office 2016 available for students

Office 2016 will be the recommended version of Microsoft Office across campus from the start of the new academic year.

Office 2016 is starting to be rolled out this week to PC Teaching and Learning Centres across campus, replacing Office 2013. It should be available in all centres by Friday 8th September.

The 2016 version is also available on Apps Anywhere - apps.liv.ac.uk

>> What's new in Office 2016?

- The most notable change is to the look and feel, with the introduction of some new Office themes. To change your theme, open one of the Office products, go to File > Options and select your preferred Office theme from the dropdown list.

- Equations no longer use a separate editor - just choose Insert > Equation (see https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Write-insert-or-change-an-equation-1d01cabc-ceb1-458d-bc70-7f9737722702?ui=en-US&rs=en-GB&ad=GB)

- There are some new charts in Excel

- Outlook shows a handy list of files you have recently worked on when adding an attachment to an email

- There is improved integration with SharePoint for collaborative working

- There are no new file formats with Office 2016. Files created in Office 2013 are compatible with Office 2016.

>> Support and Training

Quick Start guides and short videos highlighting some of the changes and new features of Office 2016 are already available on our website at http://www.liverpool.ac.uk/csd/office

>> Office 2016 for home use: free for all students

You are entitled to use the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite on personal computers and tablets for free.

You can download and install Office on up to 5 devices, whether that is a PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Your licence will last for as long as you are a member of the University.

For details, visit http://www.liverpool.ac.uk/csd/software/microsoft-software/office-at-home/

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