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Student records system (SPIDER) change embargo

An embargo on new developments to the student record system (Banner, also known as SPIDER), and to other systems that will affect SPIDER, is now in effect. The embargo will last until the introduction of the new version of Banner which is expected to be available by December 2018. This forms part of the student record systems upgrade project.

The embargo will not affect your current access to any systems.

Certain changes will be considered during this phase but only where feasible workarounds are not available and where strict criteria are met:

* Critical fixes for issues that heavily impact operations
* Changes necessary to fulfil our statutory and legal requirements
* Changes necessary to maintain core business processes

More information about the project and the embargo can be found on the project intranet page at: https://staff.liverpool.ac.uk/education-and-student-experience/current-projects/studentrecordssystemupgradesrsuproject/

If you wish to submit a change for inclusion in the replacement version of SPIDER or as an exception to the embargo please fill in the system change request via the self-service portal by navigating to Request > System Development > Request for Change: servicedesk.liverpool.ac.uk

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