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'White Privilege: What is it and does it really exist in UK higher education?'

October is Black History Month

The BAME Staff Network and LJMU BAME staff network would like to invite staff to a guest lecture, for Black History Month on

"White Privilege: What is it and does it really exist in UK higher education?"

We will welcome Dr Nichola Rollock, the Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Race & Education (Birmingham) and Editor of the journal 'Whiteness & Education'.

White Privilege is generally understood as a set of advantages enjoyed by white people in common everyday situations. The term is often used to highlight differences in experiences between those racialised as white and people of colour. In this session for the UoL/LJMU's Black History Month, leading academic Dr Nicola Rollock argues that white privilege alone is insufficient to understand continued racial inequalities in higher education and society more broadly. She highlights, instead, how white privilege operates alongside power, white fragility and denial to shape the experiences of students and faculty of colour and ultimately limit any meaningful progress towards racial justice.

Date: 25th October,

Time: 12:30 - 2:45

Location: Egerton Court Boardroom, 2 Rodney St (Liverpool John Moores University), L1 2UA.

Booking: Eventbrite Booking Page

Darren Mooney
Human Resources