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Annual Review of Human Holdings 2017-Deadline


Dear Colleagues,

It is time for the annual inventory of human material held in the University. This forms part of the University's legal requirement to undertake a return of our holdings of human material to the HTA. We require information on all research that involves the use or storage of human material containing cells. This includes human material that is used for current projects or that is being stored for future projects. Information relating to projects with ethical approval from both local and national RECs, whether University sponsored or non-University sponsored, is required.

Human material covered by the act includes, but is not limited to, tissue from organs (whatever the preservative), body fluids, bodily waste products, cell deposits and tissue sections on slides and teeth.

If you are the named CI for a previously identified project, you will already have received a personal email reminding you of your responsibilities and detailing how to make a return. If you have not received such an email and you have responsibility for storage of or currently use human material in your research, please contact Jen Blaylock, the Human Material Governance and Quality Officer in RSO, using humanmat@liverpool.ac.uk

Please respond by 15th September 2017

Dr. Janet Risk
University of Liverpool HTA Designated Individual

Jennifer Blaylock
Research Support Office