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MALE Participants OVER 45 years old wanted for alcohol use study - £8 voucher remuneration

MALE Participants OVER 45 YEARS OLD needed for online study: Alcohol use and relationship styles.

Are you a student OR staff member at the University of Liverpool?
Are you MALE and OVER 45 years old?
Do you drink alcohol (and do not regard your drinking as a problem)?
Can you spare just 30 minutes to complete a questionnaire?
If you answered yes to the above, we need YOU!

You will receive an £8 WHSmith voucher as recompense for your time (you will not receive the voucher if you do not meet the above criteria).

Please go to: goo.gl/PHb6jL
to complete the online questionnaire. This will contribute towards research seeking to develop understanding the link between lifetime relationship styles and problematic alcohol use.

Hannah Ainslie, Principle Investigator Hannah.ainslie@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Katy Lobley, Chief Investigator klobley@liverpool.ac.uk
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology program, University of Liverpool
Dr Mani Mehdikhani, Secondary Supervisor Mani.Mehdikhani@gmmh.nhs.gov.uk
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Hannah Ainslie
School of Psychology