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Graduation Ceremonies: July 2018

All graduation ceremonies will take place from Monday 16 July to Friday 20 July 2018 in the Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool.

The full schedule of ceremonies is available at www.liv.ac.uk/graduation/location

If you expect to graduate in July 2018 then you are required to submit your ceremony intentions (i.e. whether you wish to graduate and attend your graduation ceremony, graduate in absentia or postpone your graduation until the next scheduled occasion in December 2018) to Student Administration and Support using the graduation web portal.

The portal will open for submitting intentions THURSDAY 22 MARCH 2018. Further information, together with a link to the graduation portal, can be found at www.liv.ac.uk/graduation/planning

The deadline for us to receive your graduation ceremony intentions is WEDNESDAY 09 MAY 2018.

You must submit intentions for your graduation ceremony, even if you don't want to attend. Submission of your intentions via the web portal serves as confirmation of your graduation personal details (e.g. confirmation of your full name as it will appear on your award certificate and in the commemorative programme). If you choose not to attend your graduation ceremony, this process will also enable us to accurately send out your official documentation to you in the post. (These will be sent to the 'Graduation Correspondence Address' that you enter when you submit your intentions using the web service).

Failure to submit your intentions by the deadline indicated above will not only result in you being denied the opportunity to attend your graduation ceremony in person but also means that the University cannot be held responsible for official documentation containing inaccurate personal details or being sent to incorrect destinations.

We encourage you to read our web pages (www.liv.ac.uk/graduation) for full details regarding your graduation experience.

Jeni Sanford
Student Administration and Support