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PAID MRI study - left-handed males wanted

Left-handed male participants are wanted to take part in an MRI study which will explore brain activity associated with autistic traits, language and theory of mind.

The study will involve completing a battery of tests and undergoing an MRI scan. The study will take approximately 3 hours in total to complete.

To take part you will need to: be aged between 18-45 years; have no neurological disorders; have no cardiac pacemaker, metal implants or history of metal-working; and speak English as your first language.

You will first be asked to complete an MRI screening form to ensure it is safe for you to be scanned.

You will be reimbursed £30 for your time.

If you require any further information on the study please contact:
Dr Joanne Powell (powellj@edgehill.ac.uk), Honorary lecturer at University of Liverpool

Joanne Powell
Psychological Sciences