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North Campus Brownlow Hill - High Voltage Cable, Replacement Phase 2

Further to previous announcements confirming that FRCS are proceeding with contract to replace a significant amount of High Voltage Cabling and Equipment to mitigate the site wide electrical supply risks and provide improved resilience along with expanded supply capacity.

The principal work comprise of excavation of trenches and replacing cables across the campus. All the works will be carefully planned to minimise any potential operational issues and maintain business continuity with strict controls for Health and Safety.

The next phase of works is located in North Campus is a cable route along Brownlow Street. The works will be starting in early April 19 with completion by the end of August 19.

As the excavation works proceed, there will be a small reduction in available car parks spaces as works proceed in the vicinity of Jane Herdman and Proudman Buildings.

Bob Hale
Senior Electrical Engineer
Facilities, Residential and Commercial Service
Tel: 0151 794 2190