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Research Cafe 28 Nov: Networking for PGRs, ECRs and Academics

When? Thursday 28 November, 1.30pm - 4.00pm
Where? Taylor Room, 1st floor Sydney Jones Library

This Research Cafe is open to everyone to attend - academics, early career researchers, postgraduate researchers - any department, any discipline.

The aim of Research Cafes is to provide an opportunity to network and build understanding in a relaxed, informal environment over a cuppa and a light lunch. Based around the concept of Cafe Scientifique, Research Cafes work to foster connections between disciplines and create new and more diverse research networks.

Each cafe typically features 3-4 researchers from across the university, who will describe aspects of their research in a manner that is easily accessible to people from outside of their discipline; after this, there is time for refreshments and networking.

It's a great chance to meet researchers from across the campus (and beyond).

Ruth Scott-Williams
Student Administration and Support