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Viva Survivor sessions 2019/20

Dr Nathan Ryder has been delivering hugely popular sessions to Postgraduate Researchers across the UK for many years; the Liverpool Doctoral College is pleased to be able to offer Nathan's expertise as part of our PGR events programme.

To help you plan ahead, we've scheduled sessions for this academic year and booking is already open via Eventbrite.

Visit the PGR Events page to see the list of dates and links to booking.

The sessions he will be delivering for University of Liverpool PGRs are:

VIVA SURVIVOR - The viva is the culmination of the PhD process: a lot of work has led to this point, but a feeling of anxiety can go hand-in-hand with the sense of achievement at completing one's thesis. For many PhD candidates the time leading up to the viva is filled with stress about the day, and uncertainty about what their examiners may ask or how to prepare. Viva Survivor is a session for postgraduate researchers close to submitting their thesis who want to gain insight on how to be well prepared for their viva.

PLANNING YOUR FINAL YEAR - The final year of PhD research can be difficult. Finishing research, thesis writing, viva preparations, job hunting – candidates have many different things to accomplish and balance. In this session, participants will be given practical tools and space to plan the time leading up to thesis submission and examination.

Read more about Dr Nathan Ryder here.

Ruth Scott-Williams
Student Administration and Support