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Free essay writing advice from Royal Literary Fund Fellow

The Royal Literary Fund Fellow is available to help you with essay writing. If you are struggling to write well about any subject, or if you are simply seeking ways to improve your clarity and fluency on paper, these appointments are meant for you.

Geoff Hattersley is the author of over a dozen collections of poetry, including Don't Worry (Bloodaxe Books 1994) and Harmonica (Wrecking Ball Press 2003), poems from which have been included in syllabuses in school, universities, and with the Open University.

As RLF Fellow, Geoff offers writing support to students across the University through individual tutorials. These one-to-one tutorials will focus on good writing practice, providing advice on style, technique and process rather than content.

To book a 45-minute session please contact: g.hattersley@liverpool.ac.uk

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