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STFC Cancer Diagnosis PhD Studentships - Deadline 4pm 20th November 2019

Our PhD studentship call is now open.....

The STFC Cancer Diagnosis Network+ (CDN) is a multidisciplinary community with academic, clinical and industry members aiming to collaboratively address clinical challenges in the diagnosis of cancer.

The CDN ultimately seeks to enable researchers with expertise and knowledge developed through the STFC core science programmes and at STFC national facilities and laboratories to address one of the most important societal and economic global challenges of this century.

Recruitment of up to 3 PhD studentships to the Network is open now, all applications must be received by the deadline 20th November. Applicants can request up to 50% the total cost of a PhD studentship. Before completing the application form, please carefully read the assessment criteria, guidance notes and terms and conditions. These can be found on the link below, along with the application form.

Please direct any enquiries to: admin@stfccancerdiagnosis.org

www.stfccancerdiagnosis.org STFC Cancer Diagnostic Network+ PhD guidance and application form

Catherine Jackson