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Global Citizenship Network Meeting

Global Citizenship is one of the university's three graduate attributes as defined within Curriculum 2021.
But what do we mean by being a global citizen? What are the challenges we face that we need to prepare for? How can we best create the opportunities for development of values, skills and knowledge to allow our future graduates to work together to overcome those challenges?

In this first network meeting we will look to lay the foundations for a cross-university community devoted towards a curriculum view of global citizenship. At the event there will be a number of short talks from practitioners at the university who are already bringing the global to the local, threading the themes of internationalisation, inclusivity and diversity, and sustainability. This will feed into network planning activities where we will reflect upon and contribute to the picture of global citizenship, and as a group we can discuss our vision for the network such as how it should operate to be of most value to the community.

We invite any member of the university interested in the theme of global citizenship to come along to this network meeting. Tea, coffee and lunch provided.

This workshop is hosted by the Centre for Innovation in Education and open to University of Liverpool staff only.

The workshop will take place on the 13th November 2019, 12:00-14:00. To book a place please follow this link - BOOK A PLACE

Centre for Innovation in Education The
Centre For Innovation In Education