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New Human Material Newsletter

A new Human Material Newsletter is now available on the Human Material Governance webpage.

These will be published three times a year and provide new guidance on the storage and usage of human material for research along with some hints and tips to use in order to comply with the Human Tissue Act.

The first edition discusses some keys areas which arose due to the recent HTA inspection in March 2019:

- Sample tracking
- Sample logs
- Requirements for self-audit
- Risk assessments

Each edition will cover different areas of discussion and will also highlight the next available Human Material training session along with any newly created workshops.

The newsletter will also be distributed via your Institute newsletter and your local Human Material Officers (HMOs).

Alternatively you can request a copy from the Human Material team Humanmat@liverpool.ac.uk

For further guidance on human material refer to the Human Material Governance webpage:


Or contact the Human Material team Humanmat@liverpool.ac.uk

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