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Carers Staff Network Meeting - 6th November

The staff network for staff who are carers will be meeting on 6th November from 12-1pm.

The aim of this network is to provide staff who care for ill or disabled loved ones an opportunity to share support and advice, as well as to provide feedback to the University on support that would be helpful.

This meeting will be used as a peer support session. In case you aren't familiar with peer support groups, these are groups of people who gather to share common problems and experiences associated with a particular problem, condition, illness, or personal circumstance. In a support group, people are able to talk with other people who are like themselves - people who understand what they're going through and can share the type of practical insights that can only come from first-hand experience. Attendees should come along with a willingness to share your own concerns and to listen to and support others.

Meetings are friendly, informal and new attendees are very welcome.

Lunch will be provided.

For more details or to confirm your attendance, please email sallyjm@liv.ac.uk

Sally Middleton
The Academy