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Epistemic Vices: Individual and Collective

Flex 1, 502 Teaching Hub, University of Liverpool
17th December 2019, 9:30-17:30

This workshop is on epistemic vices (e.g. closed-mindedness, arrogance, hubris). Interest in these vices has grown over the last decade, with the recognition that they play an important role in understanding major social and political developments. Quassim Cassam's 2019 book, Vices of the Mind, shows how the epistemic vices of major political actors played a decisive in the 2004 Iraq War and the Brexit referendum, to take just two examples. Since epistemic vices affect individual and collective deliberation and decision-making for the worse, it's crucial to study them. Traditionally, however, philosophers have focused on the epistemic virtues (e.g. open-mindedness, humility) rather than the vices, so the time is ripe for systematic study of the epistemic vices. This event does that. It will feature a mix of senior and early career researchers from several leading UK universities. The aim is not only to represent the best current work on epistemic vices, but also to explore avenues for future research, and to bring early career researchers into the conversation.

For further details please email Robin McKenna and Ian James Kidd (both please).

Attendance is free.

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Elizabeth Farrar
School of the Arts