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Change Network event now on Thursday, 5 December

To mark the launch of the Change Network, we're holding an 'open house' event on Thursday 5 December where you can come and find out more about the work of the Strategic Change Department and the Strategic Change Portfolio.

The event will be really informal; there's no speeches, no set programme.

Instead you can pop in anytime between 12.00noon and 2.00pm, and talk to a range of people working on initiatives such as Project SHAPE, the Data Improvement Programme (DIP), the Finance Functional Review and the Academic Portfolio Planning Framework Project.

The event is taking place in the Career Studio, just off University Square. Launched in September 2018, this new facility was developed as part of the Employability Change Programme, also delivered as part of the Strategic Change Portfolio.

This is the first time that all of the projects and programmes have come together in one place to showcase their plans. So it's a unique opportunity for you to get loads of useful information, ask any questions that you may have and also discover how you can get involved.

You will also be able to find out who does what in the Strategic Change Department. Plus if you are interested in project management, you can chat about the Department's new methodology and how you might be able to apply this approach to your own change projects.

All staff welcome!

It's not just members of the Change Network who can attend this event - all members of staff are welcome to come along. But if you do want to join, it's really easy - simply complete this short form.

Register now!

To help us get enough refreshments and Christmas treats, it would be really helpful if you could tell us if you are coming to the event.

Simply register via Eventbrite - using the password Change Network.

Shonagh Wilkie
Strategic Change