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Graduating this December? Update your contact details

Update your contact details if you're graduating this December so that the University can continue to support you with tailored careers support and networking opportunities.

Once you graduate, your University email account will expire, which means you won't be able to access some of our online services. If you update your contact details today, when you leave the University we will still be able to offer you:

- Discounts on short courses
- Career planning support
- Help with applications, CVs, covering letters, interviews and assessments
- Discounts on hotels and holiday accommodation
- Access to Liverpool Connect – our online networking platform that lets you connect with thousands of alumni
- Entrance to our graduate events and our networking events
- Access to our jobs website

To ensure you don't miss out on this Package, complete this form.

To find out more about the Graduation Package, please visit our Class of 2019 website.

Laura Mallaber
Communications and Public Affairs