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Your Voice PGR Conference - Call for Expressions of Interest

The LDC is planning a week of events aimed at PGR students for next year.
In addition to two Poster Days on the 30th (HLS) and 31st March (S&E, HSS), on the 1st and 2nd of April, we are hoping to hold a PGR led conference and to this end we are inviting those who might like to give a paper to let us know if you are interested.
We would like to have sessions in the following areas;
• Your research, a place for you to talk to a non-specialist audience about what you are working on, what you have or want to achieve and issues you may have faced in your research.
• Teaching and learning – have you any experiences of teaching to share? Any tips or methodologies to offer to fellow future academics?
• Public Engagement, have you been active in bringing your discipline to schools or the wider community, would you share your experiences?
• Managing a PhD, How do you get through the 4 years or so of PhD study? From financial issues to being far from home. From motivation to planning your career. From writing your thesis to writing for publication. The challenges facing you if you have a job or family whilst juggling academic responsibilities. How you resolved the challenges?
We are not aiming at being very prescriptive and would value your contribution. We are hoping to promote a relaxed environment in which you can have a forum for your offer.
Its an ideal opportunity to get that first public talk out of the way!
We would like to hear from you if you have anything you think you could offer in relation to any or all of the above. If you'd like to give a short talk (15 to 20 minutes but negotiable) or maybe have something else you'd like to offer, then please email stating your interest by January 31st 2020 to ldc@liverpool.ac.uk .

Lyn Hughes
Student Administration and Support