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Pre-Apprenticeship Programme 2020

The Academy are proud to announce that we will be running our Pre-Apprenticeship Programme for another year, from February 2020.

This year, which differs to previous years, our pre apprentices will be required to complete an Access to our Pre-Apprenticeship Programme which will last 6 weeks at Knowsley and St Helens Community College supported by the Princes Trust. They will be required to attend the access course prior to their commencement on the pre-apprenticeship programme. As part of the programme individuals will attend an number of workshops including Time Management, Receiving Feedback and Criticism, Effective Behaviour in the work place, Interview Skills and Assertiveness to help develop their employability skills.

The pre apprenticeship programme for 2020 will last a total of 6 months commencing the 24th February 2020 and will offer 10 NEET 16/17 year olds from the LCR a full time paid placement at the University which has been agreed to be centrally funded through the Academy with no cost to departments. As part of their work placement, individuals will attend a training program, one day a week working towards achieving a level 1/2 functional skills qualification in English and Maths delivered by Knowsley and St Helens Community College. On completion, this opportunity will enable individuals to apply for apprenticeships here at the University or externally.

This programme really does make a difference to young people's lives. Below is a link to the pre apprenticeship programme website where you can find more details and case studies.


If you are interested or know an individual that would benefit from the programme please contact me, chough@liverpool.ac.uk

Thank you in advance for supporting this scheme.

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