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Artificial Intelligence Initiative

Date: Friday 17th January 2020
Venue: Institute for Risk and Uncertainty

Full details and agenda available soon

Artificial Intelligent (AI) has become a pervasive term in the modern world. Society is immersed in an AI fever permeating every sector of society and in some instances prophesying their demise. At the centre of the AI debate is the role of Higher Education (HE) & the economy. Are these sector prepared for this onslaught, what role will they play and moreover, what impact will this technology have on the future? Building on the prior work of the University of Liverpool's Management School arising from a pump priming grant to examine the role of intelligent agents in HE, the symposium seeks to explore the role, challenges and opportunities for advancement & implementation of AI within these sectors. In order to do so, the symposium brings together the University of Liverpool's Risk Institute and Management School for a combined effort to engage with this complex topic.

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Eleanor Quinn
Management School