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Snack food study - Reimbursement provided

We are interested in people's experiences of a new snack food product when consumed in different eating contexts.

We are looking for male and female participants to participate in two sessions. During each session you will watch a 23-minute TV show while consuming a provided snack food product. You will then be asked to rate the product on its sensory characteristics and also complete a mood questionnaire. One session will take part in a typical laboratory environment, the other will take part in a naturalistic lab environment. The sessions should take part 2 weeks apart from each other.

You can take part if you meet these criteria:

- You are a regular afternoon snack consumer
- You like sweet-flavoured popcorn
- You are aged over 18
- You are not currently dieting.
- You have no food allergies or intolerances.
- Have not taken part in 'evaluation of a new snack food product' before.
- Are not a student or staff based in the Eleanor Rathbone Building.

If interested, please contact Tom at tomgough@liverpool.ac.uk

Thomas Gough
School of Psychology