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The Horseracing Industry Conference 2020

This is no time to assume that the status quo is secure.

Delivered in partnership with The Racing Foundation, the 2020 Horseracing Industry Conference will bring together expertise from sector leaders and researchers from higher education to explore how cutting-edge research can help the UK horseracing industry thrive.

Join us down in London:

- Tuesday 18th February 2020
- 09:30-16:30
- No.6, Alie St, London E1 8QT

Keynote speakers include Annamarie Phelps, who has recently been named as the British Horseracing Authority Chair, and discussions will cover a variety of topical issues from both the horseracing industry and the wider sporting industry as a whole, with breakout sessions focusing on people and horses.

For more information and to register your interest, click here.

Joseph Bardsley
Management School