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Marie Currie Swimathon 2020

The Sports & Fitness centre are hosting the Marie Curie Swimathon again this Spring. We have hosted it for many years now with great success and we would appreciate your involvement to further boost that success.

You can take part as a team swimming to complete either 1.5K which is only 60 lengths split between a team of 5 making only 12 lengths or a 5k which is 200 (a bit more challenging) and is 40 lengths per team member.

You can enter individually over 400m (16 lengths), 1.5K, 2.5K and 5k.

There is also the ultimate challenge of the individual Triple 5K which is 200 lengths per day for 3 consecutive days! Both Katie Lynch and Kevin Seddon from the Sport Supervisors team are attempting this challenge this year.

Sign up at www.swimathon.org or simply support us by donating and spreading the word.

The Swimathon Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity and is the owner and custodian of the annual national Swimathon, Open Water Swimathon and School Swimathon events. Through the staging of these events, the Foundation encourages and allows members of the public – in their tens of thousands each year - to take part in swimming and to raise funds for charity. The main annual Swimathon started in 1986 and has grown to become the world's largest pool based fund-raising swim, bringing together swimmers of all ages and abilities and spreading the joys and benefits of swimming whilst raising vital funds for some of the UK's most deserving charities.

The Swimathon Foundation works with its Charity Partners – in 2020 Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK - to promote their charitable activities in association with Swimathon events and to raise funds from members of the public - including those participating in Swimathon - in support of their activities. Since its inception Swimathon has helped raise more than £54 million for a variety of nominated charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, NSPCC, The British Heart Foundation, The Prince's Trust, Comic Relief, Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK.

Kev Seddon
Sport Liverpool