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Update:Road closure - Brownlow Hill

As per a previous announcement, Brownlow Hill is currently down to one lane of one-way traffic at the Junction with Mount Pleasant.

We understand this is putting increasing pressure on the junction and impacting the pedestrian crossing routes, as well as backing up traffic down Mount Pleasant, adjacent to the Cathedral.

The principle contractor for the works, Graham, has provided an update in respect of these works, citing that they will be ongoing until the end of March 2020. Apologies have been made for this inconvenience.

In addition to the civil works, there is also some maintenance works ongoing to the Gas infrastructure, which is running concurrently and adding to the intensity of the works.

The paving outside Foundation Building retail parade is also being replaced throughout January 2020 - this will be done between the hours of 7pm and 5am, and therefore should have minimal impact on businesses, access and entrance to the Foundation Building.

Once the works are complete, this will create a welcomed improvement to central campus and everyone's patience is appreciated at this time.

Christopher Lewis
Capital Management