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Chinese Female Participants Wanted

Chinese Female Recruits Wanted For Psychology Study:

We are seeking volunteers to take part in a lab study assessing brain changes during computer tasks whilst being presented with different odours.

Volunteers are required to attend 2 lab sessions lasting approximately 2 hours each and complete 2 EEG experiments involving odour, and some computerised measures relating to the different smells and how they make you feel.

You will receive £60 as reimbursement for your time.

You may participate in the study if:

* You are a Chinese native who has spent less than 5 years total in the UK/outside of China
* You are fluent in spoken and written English AND Mandarin
* You are between the ages of 18-25 years old
* You are female
* You have normal or corrected to normal vision

You may not participate in the study if you have any of the following:

* Neurological disorders such as epilepsy
* Olfactory disorders

Please email Julia Jones jijones@liverpool.ac.uk for more information about the study.

Julia Jones
Psychological Sciences