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Free childcare for children of staff on Saturday Open Days/ADDs

The University's Children's Centre will be providing free childcare for the children of parents who are working on Saturday Open Days and Applicant Discovery Days (ADDs). Please note that this is for children of any age, not just preschool children.

The Children's Centre will be open from 9am-5pm on;

Open Days

• Saturday 20 June 2020 (deadline to book – 5th June 2020)
• Saturday 26 September 2020 (deadline to book – 11th September 2020)
• Saturday 17 October 2020 (deadline to book – 2nd October 2020)

Applicant Discovery Days

• Saturday 1 February 2020 (deadline to book – 17th January 2020)
• Saturday 15 February 2020 (deadline to book – 31st January 2020)
• Saturday 29 February 2020 (deadline to book – 14th February 2020)
• Saturday 14 March 2020 (deadline to book – 28th February 2020)
• Saturday 25 April 2020 (deadline to book – 10th April 2020)

Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up their children at any time during the day.

Please email Faye Forbes in HR (Faye.Forbes@liverpool.ac.uk) to book places stating how many places you would like, the names and age of your child/children and whether or not you have used the Children's Centre before (either for Open Days or as your normal provider).

You will then be sent a registration pack to complete and return before the Open Day/ADD. Please note if you used the Centre for the previous Open Days or use the Children's Centre as your normal childcare provider, you do not need to fill in the registration form again. You will just need to contact Faye to book a place and then please let the Children's Centre know if any details you have previously provided (e.g. contact details, medical information) have changed.

All meals will be included. However milk, creams or nappies will not be provided.

You can find out more about Kids in Bloom here http://kidsinbloom.co.uk/portfolio/university-of-liverpool-nursery/

Sally Middleton
The Academy