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The Academy - Springboard Development Programme 'Taster Session'

Springboard is a development programme for women, in academic or professional services roles, who're in the early or middle stage of their careers.

Over four, supportive, one-day sessions, women have the opportunity to really think about themselves, what they'd like to achieve and set some development goals. These could be professional or personal goals, or both. Examples include gaining a qualification or a promotion, taking control, developing more confidence, improving wellbeing or managing relationships.

The programme itself runs from March to July 2020 and we're holding a 'Taster Session' from 2.30 - 4.30pm on Monday 03 February 2020 at the Foresight Centre. This will give you a flavour of what Springboard is all about to see if you'd like to get involved.

If you're still not sure, here's what some of last year's Springboard women said about it:

"Springboard allows you to develop personally (and professionally) in a safe and supportive space within a fabulous network of new friends."

"When will you have the opportunity to focus on yourself for 4 days? It can be uncomfortable at times, but Springboard definitely helps you to move forward in all areas of life."

If you'd like to join the taster session, please register through your Core HR Portal (Training Tab).

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