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Liverpool Dementia & Ageing Research Forum

The next Liverpool Dementia & Ageing Research Forum will take place on March 4th (1-2pm) at the Brodie Tower, seeing Dr Rhys Davies, Consultant Neurologist at the Walton Centre, talk about rare dementias and how they affect everyday life.

The Forum is open to the public, with the aim of increasing awareness of research and clinical practice in dementia and ageing in the region. If you want to attend, please register here.

About this Event
Overview of talk: Dr Rhys Davies is a consultant neurologist at the Walton Centre, and Dementia Lead for 10 years. As well as working as a General Neurologist, he undertakes specialist clinics for Dementia, and has research interests in language problems as a feature of dementia, and in Huntington's disease.

Dr Davies's talk will describe the range of rarer forms of dementia that he sees in his clinic at the Walton Centre, including the symptoms experienced by people living with dementia, the brain areas involved, and the underlying disease processes. He will share how different rare dementias, including vascular and Lewy Body dementia, can affect everyday life.

Liverpool Dementia & Ageing Research Forum

Clarissa Giebel
Health Services Research