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Construal of health information

We are seeking healthy volunteers to take part in a psychology experiment that investigates construal of health information. Volunteers are required to complete a questionnaire measuring health beliefs and dietary behavior before arranging to attend an experimental session in the School of Psychology, on the University of Liverpool campus, which will take between 25 and 30 minutes.

During this session, you will be asked to complete three separate studies comprising (1) completing measures of personality variables (2) providing feedback on the contents of a newly developed health booklet and (3) helping researchers determine which food to offer as part of a food buffet. At the end of this session, you will be handed a diary to record your diet over the next seven days and can choose buffet food to take away with you. One week later, you will need to come back into the School of Psychology to return your diary.

You can take part if you meet these criteria:

Aged over 18 years of age
Speak fluent English
Are a second or third year University of Liverpool undergraduate student or a postgraduate student

You cannot take part if any of the below is true:

Be currently receiving, or have received in the past, treatment for an eating disorder
Have a diagnosed food allergy

Please email Jo-Anne Puddephatt if you are interested in taking part in this study or would like more information: joannep@liverpool.ac.uk.

Jo-Anne Puddephatt
Institute of Life and Human Sciences