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CIE CPD Events Semester 2 2019/20

The Centre for Innovation in Education will be continuing our curriculum development and digital education CPD events series this semester with the following events:

26th February - CIE Workshop: Designing Rubrics for Assessment
27th February - CIE Workshop: Become a Digital Education Champion
3rd March - CIE Network: Authentic Assessment
11th March - CIE Workshop: Video for Learning, Teaching and Assessment
11th March - CIE Workshop: Microsoft Teams Demo Webinar
17th March - CIE Network: Active Learning
23rd March - CIE Network: Digital Education
25th March - CIE Workshop: Social Media for Teaching
25th March - CIE Workshop: Animations for Teaching and Learning
26th March - CIE Workshop: Digital Storytelling as an Innovative Assessment
26th March - CIE Workshops: Writing Intended Learning Outcomes & An Introduction to Course Design and Curriculum 2021
With many more!

If you would like a full list of CIE events for semester 2 please email cie@liverpool.ac.uk

These workshops are hosted by the Centre for Innovation in Education and open to University of Liverpool staff only.

To book a place on one of these events please CLICK HERE

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