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Health coaching study: would you like to change your physical activity behaviour?

We are recruiting participants to take part in a research study investigating the effect of attending up to three health coaching sessions on physical activity behaviour.

In order to take part you must:
-be 18 years old or over
-speak fluent English
-be able to travel to the University of Liverpool for three 1-hour coaching sessions within a six week period (one session every two weeks)
-have an interest in increasing your 'physical activity'*

*By physical activity we mean any activity that fits within one of the following categories (1) sport (e.g. football, tennis), (2) structured exercise (e.g. gym classes), or (3) unstructured activity (e.g. gardening, housework).

In addition you must not:
-be pregnant or currently have a physical or mental health condition that prevents you from being able to engage in any physical activity.

Please email Harriet for more information: h.e.makin@liverpool.ac.uk

Harriet Makin
School of Psychology