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Liverpool Dementia & Ageing Research Forum

Do you want to find out more about dementia and ageing?

The next FREE public Liverpool Dementia & Ageing Research Forum will take place on Wednesday the 13th of May from 1-2 pm in the Walker Lecture theatre, in the Engineering Building.

"What is it like caring for a parent living with dementia from a distance?"

SPEAKER: Dr Sarah Robertson

(University of Liverpool, Mersey Care NHS Trust)

Overview of talk: Geographical distances are growing amongst generations. However, we know very little about long distance carers. Every caring context is different and needs to be understood. Hearing the stories of long distance carers can help us to understand their unique, emotional, psychological and social needs. Dr Robertson recruited people who identified as long distance carers for their parent. The talk will focus on aspects of identity, emotional experiences, practical challenges carers faced and interaction with services. These stories provide insight into the needs and experiences of long distance carers, which can help us design interventions in such a way that minimizes the impact of the distance and improves the chance of a positive experience caring.

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Clarissa Giebel
Health Services Research