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Changes to royal mail PPI envelopes

Royal Mail have changed the design of their postage impression to incorporate a barcode.
The change will be effective from 31st March 2020, after which time you will not be able to use any previous version of the PPI design. Royal Mail will continue to process mail with the old PPI design until 31st March 2020.
Furthermore, as a result of this change, all PPI envelopes will be supplied as black print on white envelopes only, as the automated sorting machines can experience difficulty in reading barcodes printed on manilla coloured envelopes.
CDP, our printing suppliers, are now producing PPI envelopes to the new design. In the interim period if you have both designs in use, they must be separated before being sent to the mail room for posting, as the cost differs and our mailroom will need to record details of both types.

David Hobson
Estates Management