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Webinar: Designing an inclusive curriculum - global perspectives

Global Perspectives - Designing an inclusive curriculum: global perspectives on embracing diversity

Monday 30th March

The third AdvanceHE webinar of the Global Perspectives Series aims to provide thought-provoking, forward-looking ideas and to stimulate discussion on curriculum design and diversity. Experiences and speakers will be from across globe.

When a higher education institution diversifies its student body – either through internationalisation, or increasing access for underrepresented or marginalised groups – how does its traditional curriculum need to change to ensure success for all? What impact does the identity or history of the academic discipline have on a student's sense of belonging and engagement?

• How can the curriculum be designed to remove structural inequity, and consequent attainment and progression 'gaps' and student attrition?
• What opportunities does an inclusive curriculum review offer teaching professionals to reflect on their own pedagogy and privileges?
• Can – and should – a curriculum teach all students to be more tolerant, inclusive graduates?

This webinar aims to explore these questions through discussion with a range of speakers who have engaged with inclusive curriculum development.

We welcome teaching practitioners, curriculum leads, academic developers, as well as those engaged with wider institutional or disciplinary approaches to equity and inclusion.

NOTE: The live webinar is 8-9am in the morning, but we are told that if you register, you will also be sent a link to the recording to watch at a later time.


Monday 30th March

Darren Mooney
The Academy