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Season Ticket Cancellation update from Merseyrail and Merseytravel

Please see below an update from Merseyrail regarding the cancellation of Season Tickets:

Good Evening,

I'm just looking to update you again, as you can see that the government's daily updates are bringing in new measures for us to address.

On this, given the stricter rules set out by the government on the circumstances where by people can leave their homes, we are currently working with the rest of the industry to revise the arrangements for the refund of season tickets, which typically involve visiting a station or a post-box. We would ask that you retain your ticket whilst the work is completed and we will make a further announcement on refunds in due course. For now, please do not send your ticket to us by post.

For those employees who have already sent in their season tickets via recorded delivery to Rail House, we can assure you that they will be refunded in time. Due to government enforcing a lockdown I am currently unable to give you a time on this, however the refunds will be back dated accordingly.

If you can please bear with us for now as we continue to address the current situation.

Apologies again for any inconveniences caused.

Kind regards,

Joseph Davies
Buisness Partnership Manager

The University will wait for further guidance from Merseyrail with regards to cancellations and refunds.

For holders of TRIO and SOLO passes, it is presumed that Merseytravel will also need to change their cancellation policy and we will update UoL employees as soon as we know what the new process will be.

Merseytravel are offering suspension of passes so if you have a TRIO or SOLO pass that you wish to suspend, please email travel@liverpool.ac.uk with your staff number and we will liaise with payroll to arrange repayment options.

To suspend your pass, please email SeniorCoordinators@liverpoolcityregion-ca.gov.uk to inform them that you wish suspend. You will also need to complete Merseytravel's refund form and chose the Cessation option. You should then keep hold of the pass and then contact Merseytravel again once circumstances return to normal and they will arrange to have the added time put back on your travel pass.

Thank you for your cooperation while we work with external partners during these unprecedented times.

Kate Sisodia
Estates Management