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COVID-19 and research ethics policy and guidance

In order to protect the wellbeing of students, staff and participants in the University's research, the University has decided that all face-to-face contact with human participants for the purpose of research approved by a University Research Ethics Committee should be halted to reduce the risk of potential exposure to COVID-19.

Please see the Policy on research involving human participants in response to COVID-19.

To supplement this Policy, and to try to help colleagues manage such challenging circumstances, a guidance note on the ethical implications of changing research methods has been produced.

This guidance note is intended to be a 'live' document that is updated regularly in light of experience and the evolving situation. There is a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section at the end of the document.

Please see the University guidance note on changing research methods in response to COVID-19.

The Policy and the guidance note are available on the University research ethics webpages, along with a page containing resources on the ethical considerations when conducting research online.

If you have any queries relating to COVID-19 and research ethics, please contact ethics@liverpool.ac.uk

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