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Participants wanted for study on experience of noise working in bars and nightclubs

What do you think about noise in the entertainment sector?

We are looking to recruit participants for a study looking into what people who work in bars and nightclubs in the North West think about noise in their workplace.

If you are aged over 18 and have worked in or managed a bar or nightclub in the past 12 months you are eligible.

You will be invited to an online one to one Skype interview lasting up to one hour where you will be asked about your thoughts on noise in your workplace.

Your participation, results, and data will be confidential and anonymous.

Your insights will help inform an in-depth research project being undertaken as part of post graduate study at the University of Liverpool in the field of Public Health (preventive) medicine.

If you're interested in taking part please contact the student investigator Charlotte Cuddihy via email c.cuddihy@student.liverpool.ac.uk

Jennie Day
School of Medicine