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CIE Microsoft Teams Webinars

CIE Will be running a series of webinars over the next few months ranging from beginner to advanced understanding of Microsoft Teams.

Please see below for details on how to sign up, or email cie@liverpool.ac.uk

Introduction Microsoft Teams for T&L (30 mins)
Friday 22/5
Friday 24/7
All at 1pm in Champions team.

Discover the basic functionalities of Microsoft Teams to run online sessions with students and colleagues, create group work, and enable a more communal type of communication. In this session you will learn:

-We/Me spaces
-Creating a channels for group works
-Tabs, @Mentions, Files for collaboration
-Online meetings
-Canvas integration

Advanced Microsoft Teams for T&L (45 mins)
Wednesday 20/5
Wednesday 16/6
Wednesday 15/7
All on Wednesdays at 10am in the Champions team

Go beyond your comfort zone and learn about new possibilities with Microsoft Teams to design formative assessments (including rubrics), work on a private space shared with individual students, create a content library of resources, and collaborate with a whole class. In this session you will learn:

-Assignments and Grades
-ClassNotebook (OneNote)
-Canvas integration

How to run a star webinar (60 minutes)
Wednesday 29/4
Thursday 14/5
Friday 29/5
All at 1pm in the CIE Events team

Topics covered in the session:
- Identify we/me spaces and overview.
-Create general channel/adding channels (private).
-Private chat and group chat.
-Tabs-post @mention, files, and assignments.
-Meetings for webinars.
-Two examples of best practice.
-Q&A from participants

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