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CIE Remote Teaching Podcast

What do Beatles pop songs and experimental jazz by Captain Beefhart & His Magic Band have to do with remote teaching?

Please tune in to our @LivUniCIE podcasts to find out; please follow the links below for both parts of our podcast.

• Part 1/2: Four lecturers talk about their experiences as a result of the #COVID-19 pandemic.https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/centre-for-innovation-in-education/blog/general/remote-teaching-podcast-beatles-beefheart-1/
• Part 2/2: Continuing the conversation on remote teaching touching on student engagement, technological comfort zones of staff & students; students' wellbeing & learning; the pros & cons of a/synchronous interactions; and rethinking pedagogy. https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/centre-for-innovation-in-education/blog/general/remote-teaching-podcast-beatles-beefheart-2/

We would love to hear what art piece you would choose to relate your remote teaching experiences – please share on Twitter and copy us into the conversation via #remoteteaching @LivUniCIE.
Thank you!

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