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CIE Remote Teaching Support Update

Please see below new offerings from CIE to support Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment 1st May Update. You can see our full range of support at CIE Remote Teaching Support Blog. The Blog is updated regularly and should be your first port of call when seeking assistance for Remote Teaching Learning and Assessment.
For information on how to join our webinars please email cie@liverpool.ac.uk

Introducing….CIE's new DigiGuides

We have added new guides in a variety of formats to help staff with specific tasks associated with remote teaching, learning and assessment. These new guides include:

Guidance on Setting up Online Exams and Quizzes
Polling and interaction tools for remote and classroom teaching
How to record in Microsoft PowerPoint, upload to Canvas, add captions and embed/share
Setting a custom image background in Microsoft Teams video calls
How to record, save, and delete videos in Microsoft Teams
Hosting and adding captions in Canvas Studio
Hosting and adding captions in Microsoft Stream
How to mute notifications in Microsoft Teams
How to make students attendees in online sessions in Microsoft Teams
How to support students in uploading scanned documents to VITAL
Microsoft Teams & Canvas: A Story of Integration at the University of Liverpool
Developing Accessible Presentations

You can also get some inspiration on using Teams for Teaching and Learning by accessing our MS Teams Champions Playlist which features video case studies of how staff are using Teams as a teaching and learning tool. Or, if you are just starting out view our Teams for Learning and Teaching video tutorial and useful Teams for Teaching and Learning FAQ

Why not Visit the CIE YouTube channel for more and subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoOImANMZQzNcnlpuhrr_Gg/playlists?view_as=subscriber

Continuing provision…

We continue to provide the following live webinars:

• CIE Learning, Teaching and Assessment Drop Ins. Weekly, Tuesdays 11am
Tuesday 5/5/20 11am CIE Supporting Teacher and Learner Wellbeing Remotely Drop In
Tuesday 12/5/20 11am CIE Synchronous and Asynchronous Student Engagement Drop In
Tuesday 19/5/20 11am CIE Online Assessment Drop In
Tuesday 2/6/20 11am CIE Inclusive Remote Teaching Drop In

• Introduction to Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Learning (30 mins). Monthly, Fridays 1pm
Teams for LT Intro Friday 22/5/20 1pm
Teams for LT Intro Friday 24/7/20 1pm

• Advanced Microsoft Teams for Teaching & Learning (45 mins) Monthly, Wednesdays 10am
Advanced Teams for LT Wednesday 20/5/20 10am
Advanced Teams for LT Wednesday 16/6/20 10am
Advanced Teams for LT Wednesday 15/7/20 10am
• How to run a star webinar (60 minutes) Fortnightly, Wednesdays 1pm
Run a star webinar Thursday 14/5/20 1pm
Run a star webinar Friday 29/5/20 1pm


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the CIE team: CIE@liverpool.ac.uk or call 0151 795 0574 (phones diverted)

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